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    I just received an addenda notification on the Anne Frank project and it was actually a memo noting the awarded subcontractors on the job. I called and spoke with (VBX Receptionist) Lauren to find out who was that COOL to make that happen and could it possibly happen more in the future.  I cannot begin go tell you how encouraging it was to get notified on a project.  That helps me out a lot and allows me to keep searching projects to bid and not having to stop to look to see if anything has posted."
  Tamera Jennings
Continental Cut Stone
Florence, Texas

    "What I’ve found most helpful on Virtual Builder’s is the ability to search for a project by name on the search box. This is great if you’re looking for a specific project. I haven’t seen this feature on any other website. The Awards and Apparent Lows links are great tools too."
  Edward Castro
Millennia Cabinetry, Inc.
Helotes, Texas

    "We have been using your site for years now and it is an important tool that we depend on to bid on projects. Your team is awesome and responds to our needs immediately when we have questions or small issues logging into the site. My company and I are very happy with VBX and what it has to offer. Keep up the good work!"
  Roland Merlo Gonzales
Martin Marietta Materials, SW
San Antonio, Texas

    "VBX helps us enormously with our business, but what we have found that sets VBX apart is the personal customer service – unlike any other plan room we have worked with! Thank you, and keep up the great work!"
  Nancy Lomax, RA, NCARB, AIA, CSI
Arcadia, Inc.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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