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Surveyors prepping site (1900's)


VBX is the oldest most respected construction news service in Texas.

Founded in 1900 as the Builders Exchange of Texas, we've served the construction industry since bid results where posted on black boards and mules pulled supplies to the job site.

Today, we provide the most sophisticated online plan distribution and document management service available anywhere in the United States.

Throughout its long history, the Builders Exchange has been just what the name implies – a place for construction professionals to find and exchange critical information during all phases of the construction process.

If you need bidding information or a list of qualified contractors, document management services or a snapshot of current market conditions, please give us a call.  We believe that experience counts and customer service never goes out of style!

Our Philosophy

We believe: Technology should serve people instead of people serving technology.

Consequently, we consider software to be a tool that we use to deliver a service. Many of our competitors consider software to be the service.

We believe: The construction industry has always been - and will always be - a business that depends on relationships.

VBX has spent decades building relationships with the people behind the company names who comprise our membership.

Consequently, over 90 percent of our members automatically renew their services every year.

We believe: Experience counts and customer service never goes out of style.

We know there are people behind every business name and people need accurate, timely information.

People also have questions, need immediate action and want accountability.

  We invite you join us and experience the VBX difference for yourself!

Builders Exchange Building - San Antonio, TX (1926)

Builders Exchange Luncheon - San Antonio, TX (1931)
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