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  We understand that professionals expect to work with other professionals.

That's why our staff includes graduates in disciplines like Construction Management, Architecture, Labor Relations, Marketing and Computer Science.

In addition, our entire staff participates in mandatory training every year to consider new ways to enhance our services.

Our Departments

  The VBX Project News team is the lifeblood of our operations. Our team members are experts in the ART of construction Reporting – Accuracy, Reliability and Timeliness.

  The Bid Facilitation team works directly with project owners, design firms and prime contractors who need to manage the bid process in a private environment. Support includes continuous updates to our database to help members locate qualified sub-contractors and distribute bid documents quickly. We’ll even scan and index bid documents when needed!

  The Member Services team is the front line of VBX customer service and member satisfaction. Let one of our team member’s help you select the right service and guide you through the simple steps to get started using it.

  Our Tech Support team is on hand to help members navigate the inevitable challenges that come with working in an electronic environment. Fortunately, our service is very reliable so you won’t need us often!

*Please note that VBX cannot provide technical support for Hardware compatibility or Internet connectivity issues or render assistance in printing to local devices.

  Our Accounting Team makes sure your account is handled accurately and promptly so there are no interruptions in your services.

  Last, but not least our Management Team is responsible for making sure we deliver what we promise and figure out what else our members need before they know they need it.