Maintain Full Control

Determine when and how your project is listed, and set your own criteria for bidding. Protect your IP, and adjust your security controls as you require. View the bidders for your projects in real time, and verify you are receiving the best bidders.

Full Audit Protection

Know exactly who has seen your addendum and when, with our automatic timestamping and documentation.

Secure Your Documents

Have complete control over what contractors can view, download, or share with each of your documents.

Private Bid Management

Need complete privacy? Ask about distributing your Invitations to Bid through one of our premier partners.

Find the Best Local Contractors

We know how difficult it can be to find the right team to work with. We’ve built relationships with the best and most specialized contractors, designers, and suppliers throughout Texas for over 100 years, and we can connect you to them.

The Best in Texas

All of our General Contractors have an average of 35 years of experience, with a history of providing the best services and prices.

Find DBE, SBE’s and WBE’s

Whatever designation, specialization, or qualification you need for your project, we’re sure to have the contractor you’re looking for.

More Contractors Than Anyone

We work with over 8,000 qualified local General Contractors and 25,000 Subcontractors. We’re proud to be the largest and most trusted lead source in Texas.

Largest and cleanest database of commercial construction contractors in Texas

– study by Construction Market Watch, “2017 Commercial Construction Leads in Texas: Analysis of Market Leaders”

Receive Better Bids, Faster

We lead the industry in search performance so qualified contractors can find the details they need to bid on your project, and you can receive the bids you need to award your project.

Ensure Your Project is Easy to Find

We manually index your project and divide it out page by page, and trade by trade, so more contractors easily find your project.

Ensure Your Project Gets Attention

Check our Bid Calendar to see if other projects are bidding on the Bid Date you are considering.

Maintain Full Visibility Control of Your Project

Know who is bidding in real time while seeing every aspect of your project, and protecting your visibility from other owners.

View Contractors Behind-the-Scenes

See which projects General Contractors have bid on, which ones they’ve viewed, their intent for bidding, their success ratio, and more.

Best in Class Support

Our support staff are industry veterans and certified from Clemson University to ensure your project’s success from beginning to end.

Personal Service

If you have a question, your personally assigned reporter, and team of certified support professionals will be there from start to finish.

Mitigate Your Risks

We run your project the way you want it run based on your unique criteria and special requirements.

Save Time & Hassel

Upload your projects digitally. If you forgot something, we’ll notify you so you won’t have to issue an additional addendum.

We’re Your Partner

We work with you and your team to ensure your project’s success from beginning to end by providing insights, customized forecasts, and the most support from industry veterans than any other lead source in Texas.

Get the Most for Your Project

With accurate bid details, easy to find project searches, the most qualified contractors in Texas, and 24/7 certified support, we have you covered.

Custom Forecasting

We have decades of economic, social, and industrial data and insights to help you make the most informed decisions for your local Texas MSA.

Your Success is Our Success

We let you know the best days and times to release your project for bidding, and we review your bid documents to make sure they are complete and ready for distribution.

Receive the same access that our members have for each of your projects during the bid cycle. Monitor bid activity continuously and get a complete list of companies that have viewed your project by name, location and trade type before bids are due.

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